IGCC Webinar on September 11, 2019 from 12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

Gift Card Breakage: It's Complicated!

IMA Summit Session Follow-Up Including Bonus Content! Come see what’s new…
Gift card breakage is a complicated and controversial topic. Publicly available data from such sources as annual reports and quarterly earnings calls, especially since the shift to new FASB accounting standards for revenue recognition, reveal trends and statistics around what’s occurring with breakage. This session will report on those findings and share the methodology—with the ultimate objective of providing accurate numbers that the industry can use to drive more redemption and ensure consumers are getting the full value of their gift cards.

Presented by: Brenda Gilpatrick, Founder, Your Fantastic Plastic
Moderator: Martha Weaver, Raise.com

Presentation Slides

Resource: "Starbucks Card Performance Defies Industry Norms"