The IGCC Mini Conference is a virtual event focused on connecting professionals within the gift card industry. With education sessions, networking and small group discussions, you’ll come away with tools, tips and connections to advance your incentive gift card programs! Use #IGCCminicon to connect with us on social media.

Discover strategic takeaways

The IGCC Mini Conference offers numerous education sessions led by industry experts. Learn skills, practical techniques, and resources to ensure your programs' success. 

Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Create meaningful connections with fellow gift card professionals, new voices, and industry veterans. Engage with a diverse group of individuals who represent all facets of the industry.

Explore New Opportunities 

Make the most out of the IGCC Mini Conference! Find out how to optimize your membership and amplify your voice in IGCC and the industry. 

Celebrate the Industry

Let's celebrate our accomplishments together! Experiencing the IGCC Mini Conference first-hand will allow you to see the value of being a part of our organization and community.

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