Do You Buy 10+ Gift cards a Year for Incentives or Gifts? Did you know there is an entire industry dedicated to supporting your needs?

There's an Easy Way to Buy Gift Cards at a Discount.

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No need to leave your office to purchase gift cards! Most brands offer easy online ordering for bulk purchases. Just follow these simple steps:*

  1. Visit the brand’s website and look for the Gift Cards link on the site navigation. If you don’t find it on the main navigation, it is often in the footer.
  2. Look for information about Corporate or Bulk gift card purchasing options.
  3. Create an account and shop! 

*The process may differ slightly from brand to brand.

Be sure to check out the other considerations below.

There are many companies that can assist you as a one stop shop! Connect with a gift card distributor to explore options for purchasing gift cards for multiple brands and/or pre-paid Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express cards.

  1. Click the button to be directed to our Distribution Partners directory:
    Distribution Partners
  2. On the Distribution Partners page, you will be able to click through to more information about different companies who are all IGCC members.
  3. Choose a supplier and make your purchases!

Be sure to check out the other considerations below.

Considerations When Purchasing Corporate/Bulk Gift Cards:

  • VOLUME DISCOUNTS: gift cards are sold at a discount when purchased in bulk or by businesses; the more you buy, the more you can save.
  • BRAND CHOICE: working with a distributor allows you to choose whether you would like to give a gift card for a specific brand or let your recipients choose for themselves from a variety of brands.
  • PERSONALIZATION: many companies/brands offer the ability to add your own logo to the gift card, choose images for special occasions, or even offer specialty packaging options.
  • CARD TYPES AND DENOMINATIONS: many brands offer choices in the type of gift card – physical or digital (also called eGift) – and the value of the gift card can vary depending upon your need.
  • ONLINE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: simplifies ordering and repeat purchases.

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