OH&S Features Safety Incentive Articles by IMA Members

Occupational Health & Safety Employee Gifts & Incentives 

June 2019

In honor of National Safety Month, two IMA members write articles in OH&S's special section on safety incentives in their June publication.

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Keeping Them Safe is Keeping Them Healthy

Having a highly engage workforce should be the goal of every department in a company. Engaged employees are simply far more likely to work harder, smarter, and safer.

by Brian Galonek, CPIM, All Star Incentive Marketing (IMA and IESP member)

Brian Galonek, CPIM, shares insights on why investing in health and safety programs is a win-win for individuals and shareholders, as well as the six vital keys needed for the program to succeed.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Tracking OSHA's shifting position regarding safety incentive programs

by Sean Roark, CPIM, Promotion, Incentive & Engagement Professionals, Inc (IMA member and Past President and IESP Board of Director)

Does Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) endorse or oppose safety incentive programs? Sean Roark, CPIM, reviews their flip-flopping stance regarding results-based awards.