IMA Summit 2019 - Education


Education Session #1 

Tuesday,  July 23, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Gift Card Hot Topic Round Tables – Sullivan C
Topic #1 - How Digital Delivery is Impacting the Gift Card Industry - Table Hosts:  Matias Marquez, President of Buyatab and Diane Walker, Owner of Reaf Marketing 

Topic #2 - Crypto Currency and Gift Cards - Table Hosts:  Caitlin Skulley, Senior Director of Merchant Development of Flexa & Rebekka Rea Global Business Development, Swych

Topic #3 - Promotions and Arbitrage - Table Hosts:  Martha Weaver, Raise & Jim Atten, Senior Account Director of Gift Cards, Retail Me Not 

Scotch/Whiskey –  Incentive/Recognition – Tomato/Tomahto? – Sullivan B
Paul Hebert, Vice President, Individual Performance Strategy, Creative Group

 Is scotch whiskey? Is whiskey the same as scotch. The answer: Yes and No.

Believe it or not this is the same discussion we need to have about recognition and incentives. Is recognition an incentive? Is an incentive recognition? The answer: Maybe and maybe.

Too often the terms recognition and incentive are conflated. Consequently, the design, and ultimately the success of the program suffers. Knowing how incentives and recognition programs differ is critical to creating successful solutions that drive performance. Even professionals in the industry seem to have wildly different perspectives when it comes to these pillars of behavior change and motivation.

Attend this session to learn the difference between breaking behavioral inertia and maintaining it. 

International Panel - Essential Insights into International Trade – Sullivan A
Brian Dunne, Managing Director, Giftcard.Consulting (Moderator); Gunther Everaert, Managing Director, Motisha; Peter Friend, Founder & CEO, Global Hotel Card By Expedia; Firoz Khan, CEO, India | President, APAC, Swych, Inc.; Stoycho Vlaykov, Managing Director, Cashwave

What’s trending for 2020 in Travel  – Jenney A
Nancy Alderman, IP, Associate Director, TSYS Loyalty & Prepaid (Moderator); Robert Ward, CPIM, Director of Sales, Ovation Rewards, AccorHotels; Don Killingback, Director of Business Development, Wyndham Destinations; Peter Cannon, President, Ticket Jones; Frank Robleto, Sales Director - Charter, Corp, Carnival Cruise Line

Education Session #2

Tuesday,  July 23, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Do You Really Think These New Reward Options Will be in Your Reward Catalog in the Future? – Sullivan B
Moderator: Ric Neeley, Marketing Director, Hinda Incentives
Panelists: Mike Donnelly, CPIM, President, Hinda Incentives; Paul Hebert, Vice President Individual Performance Strategy, Creative Group, Inc.; Erik Sorensen, Chief Product Officer, Augeo Marketing

There are so many new reward options, deliverables, and products coming our way . . . are we designing rewards for the Jetson's? You need to be building rewards portfolios for the future!

Gift Card Breakage: It's Complicated! – Sullivan C
Brenda Gilpatrick, Founder, Your Fantastic Plastic

Gift card breakage is a complicated and controversial topic. To better understand total breakage value in the U.S., Raise commissioned a report which amassed and synthesized publicly available data from such sources as annual reports and quarterly earnings calls and then matched that data to retail sales using statistical analysis to draw key conclusions. This session will report on those findings and share the methodology—with the ultimate objective of providing accurate numbers that the industry can use to drive more redemption and ensure consumers are getting the full value of their gift cards.  

Considerations for Creating Global Programs / Expanding U.S. Programs Sullivan A
Presenter: David Gould

This session will cover the key considerations when designing a Global program including audience (countries, cultures, sensitivities), rewards (categories, range, Logistics, SLAs, support),  languages, currencies, time zones and partnering (technology, fulfilment, service, support), contracting and billing challenges.

Education Session #3 

Tuesday,  July 23, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Life of an Incentive Program 3.0 – Sullivan A
Donna Chrobak, CPIM, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Summit Recognition Solutions (Moderator); Richard Blabolil, President, Marketing Innovators International, Inc.; Mark Herbert, President & CEO, Incentive Solutions Inc.; Paul Kelly, Vice President, Sales and Strategy, Connexions Loyalty; Cindy Mielke, CPIM, Director, Brand Relationships, Tango Card Inc.

This will be an interactive panel discussion regarding the nuts and bolts of the incentive/performance industry.  Four solution providers will share first-hand insights into identifying potential clients, penetrating the layers of decision makers, scheduling that first presentation, planning and budgeting. They will also discuss the many approaches to launching, the methodology of statistical measurements and, the importance of seamless reward programs. Learn the key to turning that successful Incentive program into a long-term relationship.  

How to Work with Promotional Product Distributors – Sullivan B
Lore Rincon, Sales Manager, Continental Premium Corporation (Moderator); Randy Renz, Vice President, Target Marketing Associates, Inc. 

Research has shown that a source of growth for the incentive industry can be found by enlisting the active participation of promotional product distributors to sell incentive programs to their existing customers, that are currently only buying promotional products.  

Much has been done at ASI and PPAI shows trying to educate the promotional product distributors about the incentive industry, but little has been done to educate incentive professionals on what the needs of the promotional product distributors are and how best to speak their language and provide them the tools and information they need to more easily begin working with their customers. This session will provide the information needed to successfully tap into this market.

B2B Gift Card Program Best Practices from a Merchant Point of View – Sullivan C
Matthew Davies, CEO, Powerhouse Brands Consulting (Moderator); Benita Johnson, Gift Card Program Manager, PetSmart; Todd Tomlin, Head of Strategic Partnerships, TripGift 

Education Session #4

Wednesday,  July 24, 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Improve the Design and Results of Incentive Programs by Using Motivation Assessments – Sullivan B
Ira Ozer, President, Engagement Partners

Motivation Assessments are tools which can help incentive program planners and sponsors design more effective incentive and recognition programs, by understanding the personal motivators of the program participants.  These insights help planners craft the program award selection, communications plan and determine the need for integrated training and coaching. Participants will learn about the "Motivators Assessment" from The Culture Works, a research-based system based on the N.Y. Times bestselling book "What Motivates Me," by Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick and motivationWorks, an assessment system based on the Self-Determination Theory of Edward Deci, PhD. which was highlighted in the Dan Pink's book "Drive."

Fighting Gift Card Fraud: What's Happening Out There and  How To Partner with Your B2B Vendors – Sullivan C 
Martha Weaver, Director of Merchant Relations, Raise (Moderator); Cindy Mielke, CPIM, Director, Brand Relationships, Tango Card Inc.; Tom Olk, Executive Vice President Revenue and Risk, Raise; Mabel Wilson, Vice President Risk & Compliance , Blackhawk Network; Adam Taylor, Sr. Manager Payments Security, Discover Network

Industry Leaders come together to discuss the fraud trends occurring in the industry today and will share ways in which brands can work with their B2B partners to proactively identify and prevent gift card fraud online, in store and via your B2B channels.  

The Future of Recognition – Sullivan A
Fintan Connolly, Chief Revenue Officer, Motisha

What is the true power of recognition & what will it look like in the future. Join Fintan to hear about why some of the world’s most admired organisations have incorporated recognition as a foundation for better performance.

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