Xoxoday Company Showcase

Thursday, November 12 | 11:00 am - 11:30 am CT

IMA is excited to bring you its fourth virtual Company Showcase featuring Xoxoday! This session is open to both IMA member and non-members at no cost. 

Session Speaker: Sumit Khandelwal, Chief Executive Officer of Xoxoday
Session Description: Motivation can have a great deal of impact on human behaviour and what actions we take.  That is the reason, business leaders are constantly looking for ways to motivate people and influence their actions - be it their employees, partners, customers, distributors or their gig workforce - while driving better business outcomes. 

So what drives human behaviour? What are the factors that compel people to take actions? While in some cases there are external factors like money, status, fame and power that influences human actions; there are times when internal factors like the sense of individuality, purpose in life and the sheer joy and fulfilment of doing something drives people.  

Understanding what motivates people is becoming an increasingly important part of all businesses. Only knowing what motivates people can help organizations design and drive engagement plans that can truly tap into their “Motivation Currency”. 
Come join us in the interactive webinar to understand further on the topic. Here’s what you will learn in this session -
  1. How recognition, praise and benefits should be personalized, authentic, and delivered in real-time
  2.  What extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are
  3. How managers should be coaches to motivate employees effectively, and not bosses
  4. In lieu of pay raises, how to invest in more creative professional development opportunities
  5. Why is it important to create a positive organizational culture
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About Xoxoday

Xoxoday (pronounced “zo-zo-day”), a one-of-a-kind all-in-one engagement and motivation platform has been empowering organisations across the globe to improve business efficiency, productivity, performance while optimising costs in employees, sales, channel and consumer engagement. Founded in the year 2012 by Manoj Agarwal, Abhishek Kumar, Sumit Khandelwal and Kushal Agrawal, Xoxoday offers a powerful platform for organisations to align their users with motivation triggers – both extrinsic and intrinsic – and achieve tangible business outcomes.  Xoxoday’s robust technology platform includes three highly scalable, easy to use, plug-n-play products. These platforms help organisations to motivate and engage their employees, distributors, dealers, contractors, freelancers, sales teams, survey panellists and more. m Here’s a quick sneak-peek into the platforms: 

  1. Empuls
    Empuls is an end-to-end platform to streamline employee engagement solutions. It helps HR leaders, CHROs, and CXOs to effortlessly execute key activities such as award workflows, budget automation, and industry-endorsed real-time surveys. With many key features such as communication feeds, messaging, and groups, the software equips employees to engage meaningfully with their peers and aligns them with the organisation’s shared values.
    Empuls also enables organisations to constantly measure and analyse the levels of employee satisfaction by keeping track of Employee NPS and thus helping them improve the overall employee experience and drive higher productivity.   
  2. Compass
    Compass enables organisations to gamify incentives to effectively engage their distributors, retailers, channel partners, sales agents, and the ‘gig workforce’. With Compass, the channel managers can establish effective communications with their channel partners, set up and executive trade campaigns, and accelerate the achievement of incentive-driven milestones.
  3. Plum
    Plum is a digital rewards automation platform which helps business leaders digitise and automate rewards/ incentives/gifting/loyalty programs for employees, channel partners or consumers. They can avail thousands of options from a rich catalogue of wellness, personal finance, e-learning, e-gift cards, experiences, privileges, philanthropy, rentals, perks, offers, and subscriptions.

The enterprise-class product suite of Xoxoday is known for its banking grade security, support for hybrid deployment capabilities. The products also offer seamless integration with a wide range of platforms, including HRMS, Marketing Automation, Survey Platforms, CRM, Payment Gateways, etc. These integrations are compelling and have been empowering businesses to create a harmonious technology stack that drives meaningful interactions while delivering personalised user experiences.