IGCC Member Conversation:

Global B2B Gift Trends & Opportunities

April 24, 2024 • 9:00 - 10:00 am CT

Hear about the latest trends shaping the global B2B gift card landscape in IGCC’s upcoming member conversation. Join the discussion as we unveil insights and opportunities driving B2B gift card programs worldwide. Learn why it’s important for all US brands to have a global mindset. This session will cover topics like: 

  • What is a Global B2B buyer and what need are they filling?  
  • Why do merchants go global? 
  • What percentage of catalogues are global merchants? What types of merchants are global? 
  • Is local language and currency required? 
  • Is local store redemption required?
  • How are shipping and taxes managed?
  • What are the legal requirements? 
  • How do you manage different terms and conditions like expiration?
  • How to manage customer service issues like language and time zones? 
  • Do you partner with local agencies or higher local representation? 

Don't miss out on the conversation! Both members and nonmembers are welcome to attend!

Panelists: Alex Preece, Founder and CEO at Tillo; Oran Nevin, Direct Global Procurement at Workhuman; Siobahn Moore, Partner Keystone Law, Director GCVA; Steve Bradbery SVP North America at Savvy Global