DEIB Coffee Chat: Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Belonging, Well-being, and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

May 23, 2024 @ 10:30 am CT

Wellness is not equitable. We see this most vividly in our healthcare system. You cannot have true well-being without belonging. To create a greater sense of belonging, one first must increase their emotional intelligence to be more aware and grow in empathy.
  • Learn how to define emotional intelligence tools to increase awareness in self and others.
  • Learn the importance of trauma-informed leadership.
  • Identify how the Emotional Intelligent skill set intersects with DEI.
  • Three Ways inequities decreases a sense of belonging.
  • Four ways to improve psychological safety.
  • Five action steps to enhance allyship beyond the workplace.
Presenter: Farah Harris, Bestselling author of 'The Color of Emotional Intelligence' and Workplace Belonging & Wellbeing Expert

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