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IGCC webinars and member conversations are typically the second Wednesday of every month. We invite you to join us online for an educational experience where you can watch and learn or participate in an open conversation.

Upcoming Webinars & Member Conversations

IGCC Webinar: Gift Card 101

9/29/2021 -  9/29/2021

Join Matt and the IGCC explore the basic and more advanced tactics and strategies of successful gift card programs.

RPI Webinar: The 7 New Rules of Engagement

9/30/2021 -  9/30/2021

Engaging employees is a challenge we all face. C.A. Short Company has developed these new rules of engagement that we believe create a blueprint for success. Join us to find out what they are and how you can start utilizing right away!

RPI Webinar: The Recognition Imperative

10/28/2021 -  10/28/2021

This presentation provides a look at why recognition matters more than ever and how leaders can unlock its power to build resilient, innovative teams prepared to meet the ever-changing landscape of tomorrow.

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