Find a Gift Card Provider

A merchant or retailer is a company whose core business is to sell consumer goods and services directly to the end consumer.

Gift card distributors drive understanding and growth of gift card sales channels including corporate/incentive channels, bulk gift card sales via third party sales channels, as well as off-site gift card sales channels outside the retailers own store locations including online sales channels.

Gift card vendors drive the betterment and innovation for the gift card industry and the overall consumer experience through product, technology, and enhanced capabilities for retail gift card programs.

A gift card agency manages gift card programs on behalf of the retail brand. This may include sales & marketing, contract negotiations, sales reporting for these programs/channels. Typically, they are an extension of the retail brands gift card department handling non-store programs and other channels outside the in-store programs. They may also advise the retail brand on best practices for marketing and advertising their gift card programs.